About ETTL

ETTL Engineers & Consultants Inc., headquartered in Tyler, Texas, has been providing a broad range of engineering and consulting services to industrial, commercial, governmental and private clients in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama and adjoining regions since 1965. The Company has a highly experienced and qualified staff, including professional engineers, environmental scientists, geologists, field and laboratory technicians, licensed drilling rig operators, and various support personnel, all offering personal service. Our prime goal is to put our many skills and equipment to work for our clients, serving them to the very best of our ability.

ETTL not only provides comprehensive geotechnical and construction materials engineering services along with fully equipped testing laboratories, but makes available state-of-the-art contract laboratory services. In addition, it carries out soil resistivity testing services in the field.

ETTL also offers a wide range of environmental services, such as surface and subsurface site assessment and remediation services, regulatory compliance and waste management services, petroleum storage tank (PST) services, as well as many engineering services for landfills, including CQC & CQA services for landfill liners and caps and groundwater services.

The Company also has a full complement of field sampling equipment and instrumentation. It owns and operates a large fleet of drilling rigs and associated vehicles for subsurface exploration and sampling, both geotechnical and environmental, including groundwater well installation and maintenance.

ETTL carries out many projects for TxDOT, including geotechnical, hazmat and materials testing services. Projects include airfields and towers (cellular, TV and transmission), including many hundreds of site assessments and geotechnical studies for towers over a broad region.

In addition to home offices and laboratories in Tyler, Texas, ETTL also maintains similarly equipped branches in Longview, Arlington (DFW area) and Texarkana, AR.

Douglas E. Flatt

Douglas E. Flatt

A History of ETTL

Incorporated as East Texas Testing Laboratory in July of 1965, ETTL began operating in the fall of that year. In the years since its founding, ETTL's staff has grown to over 50 employees. We now have branch office-labs in Longview, Arlington (DFW area) and Texarkana, AR.

ETTL's solid reputation for accuracy, dependability, and professionalism is a direct result of the leadership of Douglas Flatt, our founder.

Mr. Flatt has an M.S. degree in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University. He also proudly served our Country as a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Field Artillery Division. Later, Mr. Flatt joined the Texas Department of Transportation as a senior laboratory engineer and senior resident engineer, specializing in geotechnical and construction materials engineering activities. With the valuable experience gained while employed with the Texas Department of Transportation he founded East Texas Testing Laboratories in 1965.  

Mr. Flatt has been awarded numerous honors and accolades. In addition to being associated with numerous civil engineering bodies, he is also a member of American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Committee E-50, which sets standards for environmental site assessments.

ETTL's First Years: Providing Geotechnical and CMT Services

ETTL soon acquired laboratory and field testing equipment for determining properties of soils, concrete, metallic connections and other key variables, and was carrying out CMT services to ensure specifications were being met for variety of structures undergoing construction. Structures include residential, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as roads, highways, parking facilities, bridges, airports, dams and landfills, among many others.

At the same time, ETTL began to build its fleet of drilling rigs, used especially in the firm's early years for geotechnical services. Subsurface findings, including data from samples analyzed in the company's laboratories, provided information for foundation recommendations prepared by ETTL engineers for client architects. In addition, ETTL has used its drilling capabilities to perform countless subsurface environmental investigations.

Today our company has become a dominant force in the geotechnical, construction materials, and engineering disciplines in several states.

An Expanding Diversity of Engineering and Testing Services

Since its inception, ETTL has continued to grow, confirming its reputation in countless projects as a major provider, over a wide region, of geotechnical, construction materials and environmental engineering services.

Over the years, ETTL has made other engineering, testing and consulting services available to its clients.