Field Equipment for
Geotechnical Engineering Projects

ETTL's Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling Division owns and operates a fleet of drill rigs and service vehicles including hollow-stem auger and rotary drill rigs as well as equipment for direct push-probe sampling.

All of the above equipment plus ETTL's highly trained drilling crews are at your service on a contract basis.

A licensed drilling contractor, ETTL has been providing specialized drilling/sampling and in-situ testing services for over 40 years throughout East Texas and adjoining regions and states including Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Truck-Mounted Drilling Rigs

  1. Mobile B-5500 Drilling Rig: ETTL's most powerful truck-mounted unit, is mounted on a Ford diesel tandem-axle truck. The B-5500 is a multi-purpose top-drive drill designed to quickly convert from augering to mud rotary and coring. The long stroke mast makes it easy to perform deep borings. It has an auger capacity up to 18-inch diameter and rotary capacity to 18-inch diameter. The dual-speed top head drive delivers 14,000 ft-lbs for hollow stem auger drilling and up to 700 rpm for mud rotary and coring operations. Equipped with an automatic hammer that meets ASTM D1586, a hydraulic driven 5'x6' mud pump, water tank and hydraulic extender for 3" Shelby tube samples.
  2. Mobile B-61 HDX Drilling Rig: Mounted on a Chevrolet tandem-axle truck, the B61 HDX is a multi-purpose rig capable of drilling by Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) and rotary or rock coring. Hollow-stem augers from 4 1/4 ID to 6 1/4 ID/10" OD can also be utilized. A wire line retrieval system allows continuous sampling of soils in 5-ft intervals to depth of 300 ft. Capabilities permit use of hollow-stem augers from 3-1/4" ID to 6-5/8" ID (10" OD). Equipped with an SPT automatic hammer (meets ASTM D-1586-64), hydraulic leveling jacks, grout pump, Moyno pump, 200-gallon water tank, and a 42" hydraulically operated extruder that will extrude a 3" OD undisturbed Shelby tube sample.
  3. Diedrich D-25: The D-25 is a small, lightweight but powerful unit, mounted on a C4500 GMC 2-ton truck. It is used primarily for small geotechnical drilling projects due to its high mobility and low mobilization costs. D-25 is capable of drilling with CFA to a depth of 50'. It is also fitted with an automatic hammer and a hydraulic extruder for 3" Shelby tube samples.

All-Terrain Track-Mounted Drilling Rigs

Both the CME-55/300 and the D-50 are remotely controlled. Because these rigs are mounted on heavily-reinforced-rubber track carriers that use modern hydrostatic drive technology, they can readily traverse mud, rocks, snow, sand, uneven ground, wooded areas, and steep slopes. This means they are available for geotechnical and environmental drilling operations where truck-mounted rigs have access problems.

The track carriers for both the CME-55/300 and D-50 are transported to drilling jobs via truck-drawn trailers. Once at the site, after being guided to a drilling point, the rigs are leveled via their remote controller. The leveling system designs of the units use four jacks of inverted design to readily and rapidly prepare the rig for work.

Both track rigs have multi-purpose drilling capabilities (CFA, hollow-stem auger, mud rotary in coring.)

Both rigs are equipped with Moyno pumps, mounted water tanks and automatic hammers.

Support Equipment

ETTL owns and operates a variety of support vehicles amd equipment:

ETTL has performed many different types and styles of projects. We have the experience and ability to help you come up with viable solutions to your difficult or complex drilling needs.

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