Tyler Public Library

Geotechnical Consulting

Experienced professional engineers and other experts at ETTL are at the service of our clients to carry out a great variety of geotechnical services. These services are available not only in East Texas and Western Arkansas, but in other regions and states as well.

ETTL's Geotechnical Services Include:

  1. Test Borings
  2. Soil and Rock Core Sampling
  3. Groundwater Monitoring Well and Piezometer Installation
  4. Groundwater Seepage Studies
  5. Hydrogeologic and Geological Studies
  6. Laboratory and Field Soil Testing
  7. Foundation and Earthwork Recommendations for projects ranging from:
    • Airports
    • Bridges
    • Communications and Transmission Towers
    • Dams
    • Highways
    • Parking Lots
    • Parks and Zoos
    • Manufacturing and Educational Facilities
    • Office Buildings
    • Hospitals
    • Prisons
    • Stores
    • Malls
    • Restaurants
    • Libraries
    • Museums
    • Warehouses
  8. Pavement Design
  9. Soil Resistivity Testing Services
  10. Forensic Investigations and Expert Witness Services

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