Landfill Services

A multi-discipline organization, ETTL utilizes and coordinates engineers, hydrogeologists, geologists, environmental scientists and other environmental experts, as well as construction professionals, to handle a wide range of landfill projects.

As back-up for its staff in serving landfills, ETTL owns a fleet of rigs for subsurface exploration, as well as associated geotechnical, geological, hydrogeological, environmental, and construction materials engineering. In addition, we have geotechnical and materials-testing laboratories.

ETTL offers landfill operators such services as geotechnical soil borings and analyses; installing piezometers, monitoring wells, methane monitoring probes and collection systems; hydrogeological investigations; carrying out of soil stratigraphic studies and environmental site assessments when new or expanded landfills are required; performing CQA services for both clay and synthetic liners, preparing SLER and FMLER reports; and performing other similar services. Our goals are to help operators build environmentally sound landfills and help them maintain compliance with pertinent governmental regulations.

Construction Quality Assurance Services for Landfills

ETTL's construction quality assurance (CQA) experience has included municipal and industrial landfills. The Company has provided services to landfills for over twenty years. As part of these services, ETTL has had extensive experience in inspecting and evaluating many types of liner systems, from in-situ liners to the latest composite liners.

ETTL is available to monitor contractor performance in the installation of liners and final cover systems. In addition, our staff is ready to assist landfill owners and their design consultants by monitoring the construction of leachate collection systems, leachate ponds, road bases, and foundations for structures on landfill premises.

The professional staff at ETTL are continually improving their skills and knowledge of landfill regulations and construction practices by attending educational seminars and conferences, seeking professional registration or NICET certification, and by close contact with Texas state and local TCEQ staffs, and other appropriate state agencies.

Geotechnical Engineering Services for Landfills

ETTL has provided geotechnical engineering services for proposed and existing landfill sites in Texas and adjacent states for over twenty years. The firm has had experience in investigating landfill sites in the unique geological belt of Cretaceous and Tertiary sediments in the ARK-LA-TEX area. ETTL's drilling rigs are capable of investigating the most demanding terrains and geologic strata. The Company's geotechnical laboratories are equipped to classify soils according to the latest testing standards; obtain strength characteristics, falling-head permeability values, and gradations; and carry out other laboratory soil tests germane to landfill investigations.

In sum, ETTL's geotechnical services for landfill applications include:

Services Available from ETTL Specialized for Landfill Operators

  1. Subsurface Exploration (Field Drilling) Services
  2. Geotechnical Engineering Services for Landfills
  3. CQC & CQA Services for Landfill Liners and Final Cover Systems (Caps)
  4. Compliance Assessment and Waste Management Services for Landfills
  5. Hydrogeological Evaluations for Landfill Applications