Services for Groundwater Monitoring
and Recovery Wells

Install, Inspect, Maintain/Rehabilitate, Plug/Abandon, Replace

ETTL offers owners and operators of groundwater monitoring and recovery wells comprehensive services, from initial well installation, to plugging (abandonment), to replacement—and required inspection and maintenance. In addition, ETTL is available for sampling and collecting data measurements.

Well Installation Services

ETTL has a fleet of drilling rigs available for installing monitoring and recovery wells from 1" to 8" in diameter to depths of 500 ft bgs, or more. Both air-operated and electric submersible pumps are available for recovery well installations.

Well Inspection Services

ETTL utilizes Geo-VISION™ water well camera and video system to identify the integrity and operating efficiency of groundwater monitoring and recovery wells from 1¼" to 24" in diameter. The viewings are especially tailored to inspect the screen portion of wells and casing joints. The visual condition not only is shown and recorded, but audio comments likewise are recorded. The camera housing is designed to operate in pressures to 200 psi (equal to 426 ft underwater).

Well Maintenance / Rehabilitation Services

ETTL can carry out such groundwater well maintenance and rehabilitation services as: (1) brushing, (2) jetting (pressure wash), (3) swabbing, and (4) biological and chemical treatment. It also can pull non-operational pumps from recovery wells, and either reinstall or replace them. And ETTL can readily convert existing monitoring wells into recovery wells.

Well Plugging / Abandoning Services and Replacement Services (if required)

Wells are properly plugged by licensed drillers and appropriate plugging requests are completed.

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